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Swimming Lessons


The Lincoln Athletic Club offers swimming lessons for members and non-members. Group lessons, private, and semi-private lessons are available for children and adults.  We offer private & semi-private lessons 7 days a week!

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Class levels and descriptions:

Super Tots (6 months to 3 years) – A parent or caregiver participates in the class while the child interacts with the instructor to undertake age appropriate motor skills and aquatic challenges.  Through happy songs and games your child will learn socialization skills, water safety & gross motor skills.

Level One – 3 years or older with little to no skill.  Children will learn breath control, gliding in a prone position, kicking, pulling, back floating, age appropriate water safety skills.  (Limit 4 children per class)

Level One Plus – For children who are not quite ready for level 2 but are an advanced Level 1.  Children will work on breath control, putting face in water for longer than 3 seconds, gliding in a prone position, kicking, arm pulls, floating, finning on back, modified freestyle, beginning backstroke, age appropriate water safety including how to automatically roll over on their back and float.  (Limit 4)

Level Two – Swimmers have basic skills and have complete Level 1.  Children will learn beginning rotary breathing, finning on the back, big arm pulls for both the freestyle and backstroke, begin to perform strokes independently, retrieving objects off the floor of the pool, age appropriate water safety skills, how to roll over on their back and float no matter what depth.  (Limit 5 children per class)

Level Two Plus – This class was designed for the swimmer who has passed out of Level 2 but is not quite ready for the challenges of Level 3 or is very small.  They will begin to cover Level 3 skills but at a slower pace.  Perfect arm pulls, work on rotary breathing with strokes, under water streamline glides, bobbing and traveling, backstroke.  (Limit 5)

Level Three – Swimmers work on putting all the pieces together for freestyle and backstroke.  They will work on perfecting arm pulls, perfecting rotary breathing with the strokes, kicks, underwater streamline glide, treading water, bobbing and traveling, general pool rules.  (Limit 6)

Level Four – Swimmers will work on performing freestyle and backstroke with good technique while improving endurance.  In this level children will learn body dolphin (the worm), breaststroke arms, prone kick, coordinating arms and legs for breaststroke, age appropriate water safety skills.  (Limit 8)

Level Five – Swimmers continue to work on distance with perfected freestyle and backstroke.  They will learn the butterfly.  In this level they will also learn bilateral breathing, turns, surface dives (if appropriate), survival float, and age appropriate safety rules.  (Limit 8)

Private Swim Lessons (children and adults)

The Lincoln Athletic Club offers thirty minute long private lessons set according to your needs on a one-on-one basis. Semi-private lessons are also available.

Check out Swim Conditioning for our advanced students!

Swimmers come Mondays and/or Wednesdays from 5:00p.m.-6:00p.m throughout the school year.  We also have Fridays from 4:00-5:00pm.  Swimmers can swim 1,2, or 3 times per week.  This program is a month to month program (Sept.-May)

Swim Team!