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Personal Training


Personal Training is a one-on-one workout with a qualified trainers who is truly concerned about your personal well-being. It is a trainer’s responsibility to fully assess a client’s fitness needs and goals and incorporate a program that is safe and effective. LAC Personal Trainers are college educated and nationally certified as Personal Trainers. Contact one of the trainers or the fitness desk to schedule a training session.

Our Personal Trainers:

Synrgy 360X Training

Synrgy 360x small group fitness is taught by our personal trainers. Our personal trainers know that each person has different needs, wants, injuries and ability levels. The advantage of working in a smaller group setting and with a trainer is that we can cater the workouts to you and your specific group. This includes not only your needs, wants, and injuries, but also the intensity of the training. Every trainer runs their class differently. One trainer may not be for everyone, but we have at lease one trainer for everybody. Do not let your age, sex, or fitness level inhibit your decision to try Synrgy 360x.

Visit the Fitness Desk to sign up for SYNRGY classes.

TRX Small Group Training

The TRX is a training system that uses bodyweight to deliver optimal results for people of all ages and fitness levels. Your bodyweight creates the resistance and shifting your weight controls the difficulty of each exercise. Keep it basic or challenging. The TRX offers an unmatched variety of exercises for the entire body. Up to four people can be in a group. The class is 30 minutes. Organize your own group or contact the fitness staff to help you set up a time. There is a fee for this class.

Rates are as follows:
1-2 people – $25.00/person
3-6 person – $10.00/person

Sign up at the Fitness Desk
Please call 402-423-2511 and ask for Tina!