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Synrgy 360X


Synrgy 360x is small group personal training taught by our personal trainers. Our personal trainers know that each person has different needs, wants, injuries and ability levels. The advantage of working in a smaller group setting and with a trainer is that we can cater the workouts to you and your specific group. This includes not only your needs, wants, and injuries, but also the intensity of the training. Every trainer runs their class differently. One trainer may not be for everyone, but we have at lease one trainer for everybody. Do not let your age, sex, or fitness level inhibit your decision to try Synrgy 360x.

To sign up for a class you can sign up in the appointment book located on the fitness desk in the upstairs weight room, or talk to one of the personal trainers.  If you and your group of 4 or more want to set up your own time, talk to a trainer of your choice and set up a time that works for everyone.