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Nutrition is a crucial piece in obtaining and sustaining your overall wellness goals. Working out is great but nutrition will give you the extra edge to making your fitness goals become a reality. A healthy diet will help you get the desired body composition you want as well as properly fuel you before, during and after your workouts to best optimize those workouts. Nutrition can also help with fatigue, energy, mood, and so many other things. So stop on in today and talk to the new Registered Dietitian, Stephanie Mannix to find out how she can best help you using nutrition.

The services Stephanie provides include one-on-one consultations ranging from 15 to 60 minutes, 6 week packages for general wellness as well as weight loss, a maintenance plan, group member nutrition presentations, group athlete presentations, athlete meal plans, and tennis presentations. Free of charge to the members will also be a weekly nutrition tip sent to their emails as well as a weekly nutrition handout displaying nutrition advice that is pertinent to that week. Members desiring to receive the nutrition emails can contact Stephanie to put their name on that list. Help welcome Stephanie and take advantage of LAC being one of the few clubs in Lincoln to provide an in-house, full-time Registered Dietitian.